Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our webshop, products or how to order? You are at the right page.
We have made an overview of questions we get from time to time. 
If you haven't found the answers you are looking for, please send us a message at and we will help you as soon as possible.

Placing an order:

1: How do I place an order?
- If you want to place an order with us, you can add items to your shopping cart. When finishing you can place to order, pay with the options we have and choose your shipping options.


2: Can I pick my order up at a militaria fair?
- Yes, we have the possibility to choose for a pick up at a fair. You can place your order and choose for the option when clicking on the shipping options. You can find the fairs we attend at the tab on top of the website. If you choose for this option, please let us know when and where you would like to pick up your order


3: Can I visit your store/shop?
- At this time we don't have a physical store you can visit. You can always try to email us to see what options there are for picking up orders.

4: Can I pay cash?
- There is no option to pay cash when ordering from our webshop. However, when picking up items at a militaria fair there are possibilities. If you want to place an order and pay cash at your pick up, please send us a message and we can work out the details.


5: There is something missing from my order
- If an item of multiple items are missing from your order we would like to know as soon as possible. Then we will figure out how to correct your order, there are multiple options. We can ship the item as soon as possible, we can add it to your next order/pickup or we can refund the item.


6: I think I have received the wrong order?
- If you have received the wrong order you should send us a message. Then we will figure out what went wrong with shipping. You can send us the parcel back at our costs.


7: I have placed my order but I want to add something
- We try to ship our orders as soon as possible. Therefore if you want to change your order you should send us a message as soon as possible. If you want to add an item you can place another order and ask us to add the order to your previous one, you can use the pick up option instead of paying for shipping again. The best way to make sure we will add items is to send us a message.


8: Can you send my order as a gift?
- We don't wrap your orders as presents, however, if the order is a gift we can make sure there are no price tags or other price information in your order.


9: How do I use a discount code?
- When you have a discount code you can use it in you shopping cart. On the left side you have a bar listed as 'coupon code', you can use the code here. Please note that you have to click on 'Apply' to confirm the discount code. Also take notice that you use the correct code, for example capitel letters.


10: Is there a minimum amount?
- We don't charge a minimum amount when placing an order from our webshop.


11: How do I pay for my order?
- If you place an order on our website you can check out in your shopping cart. When checking out/placing your order you have multiple options for payment.


12: I didn't get an order confirmation
- When you order from our webshop you should get an order confirtmation, it is possible the email has been sent to your spambox. If the email is not in your spambox you can send us a message so we can see if the order did come trough.


13: I have paid for my order but I haven't gotten a payment confirmation
- When paying with the banktransfer option, the process of your payment takes a little longer. This can take up to 3 business days, depending what country you are from. Please be patient!


14: Can you see my order history?
- Yes we can, if you haven't made an account and can't find your invoice, we can always have a look for you and send it again if you want.


1: Is it possible to choose for cheaper shipping options?
- In some cases it is possible to get cheaper shipping options, however, we prefer to only ship order with tracking. In some cases it is possible to ship your order to a postaloffice instead of your home to save on shipping costs.


2: Can you put a lower value on the package?
- Unfortunately we can not put a lower value on packages outside of the EU. 


3: I haven't received my package, what do I do?
- If you haven't received you package yet it is possible the package is still on its way, postal services often have delays, especially during the holiday season. It is also possible the customs of your country keep the package for a while. Please be patient, you can always send us a message to see what we can do from our end. There is also a possibility that the postal service lost the package, in that case we will discuss a correct solution with you.


4: How long does shipping take?
- Unfortunately we can't exactly say how long shipping will take. Depending on where you are from shipping can take 1 day to a couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the shipping information you received after placing an order to know when your package will arrive. We try to ship our orders withing 48 hours!


5: My order has been damaged during shipping, what do I do?
- If your order has been damaged during shipping we would like to receive pictures of the damaged box/item from you to confirm this happend during shipping. Unfortunately some postal services aren't as carefull as others. We try to package our orders as safe as possible to minimalize the possibility of damaged goods.


6: What happens when my order can't be delivered?
- If your order can't be delivered, for example because of an error in your shipping adress, the order will be returned to us. This could take some time. When this is the case you can send us a message and we will send the package to you again, please not that you are responsible to pay the shipping costs.


7: I have made an error in my shipping adress, what do I do?
- Send us a message as soon as possible. We sometimes notice mistakes in adresses but not always! The sooner you send us a message the better. If by any chance your order has been shipping already, the package will most likely not be delivered and will be send back to us.


8: To what country's does Clercq Militaria ship products?
- In general we ship our items over the whole world. But, as a buyer you are responsible to know the laws in your country. For example regarding bajonets. We have also heard stories about German collecitbles being destroyed by customs, we as a company are not responsible in these cases.


9: What is the status of my order regarding shipping?
- When we ship your order, you should get an email regarding your tracking number and shipping. With this, you should get updated about the status of your order and when it will arrive.


1: Where can I find information about returning my order?
- You can find information about our return policy in our Terms and Conditions.


2: Can I return my order?
- You can return your order within the time of legal rights. If there is a mistake on our end your order can be returned at a later time, for example if there has been a mistake with originality. 


3: How can I rerurn my order?
- If you want to return your order you should send us a message and we can figure out how we go forward from there.


4: How long does it take to return my order/get my refund?
- We can't exactly say how long it would take. Of course we are doing our best and try to process your return as soon as possible. However we have to take in to account the shipping time and process time to check and refund your items.


Our products:

1: How often are new product uploaded?
- We usually put new items up for sale every week on Tuesday, however sometimes we do an extra update.


2: What products does Clercq Militaria sell?
- Clercq Militaria only sells original militaria from the Second World War period. In some cases we have some World War One or post war items for sale. If this is the case it's always clearly stated. 


3: How do I know you still have the product?
- If you order an item from our webshop the item will automaticly be listed as ''SOLD'', items that are sold can't be added to your shopping cart. Items that are not sold yet don't have this indication and can be added to your shopping cart.


4: Are the prices firm?
- If your liking an item but it's a little out of your price range, you can always sent us a message with an offer. But please keep in mind that the offer has to be fair.


5: The item I wanted is sold, do you have another one?

- In some cases we have multiple pieces of the same item, but in most cases the items we sell are unique. If you missed out on an item you can always send us a message and we can have a look if we have another or a similar item for you!


6: I have found an item on your webshop that is not original
- Everyone makes mistakes, we are also human. If we make a mistake and you see an item listed as original World War Two but you think this is not the case, please send us a message so we can review and remove the product.


7: Do you guarentee originality?
- We guarentee the originality of our products, however we are also human. We can make mistakes, if this is the case we will always come to a solution with you.


8: Can I get more pictures of the product?
- Of course we can make more pictures! If you would like to see more close ups or the product from an other angle, don't hesitate to send us a message!


1: How do I make an account?
- If you want to make an account at our website you can do so at the account page. The account page can be found on the top of our website. Just click at the little figure and you get to the login information. It is also possible to make an account when ordering.


2: Why can I make an account?
- You can make an account to make sure that your order information is saved. As well as to help you with future orders so that you don't have to type in your personal information everytime you place an order.


3: I forgot my password, what do I do?
- At our account page you can find the 'forgot password?' option under the login information. If you have forgotten your password you can reset it there.


4: How can I delete my account?
- You can't delete your account yourself. If you prefer to delete your account, you can send us a message and we will delete it for you.


5: How can I change my account information?
- When logged in to your account you can go to the tab 'My information', here you can change your information.


6: Can you see my password?
- No we can not see your password. When you have an account with us we can see your shipping information and order information. We can not see your password or bank information.


7: Do I need to verify my account?
- Yes, if you want to use your account you have to verify it.


8: Where can I find my order history?
- IF you go to your Account page you find the tab 'My orders'. You can find a list of your previous orders there, as well as the invoices.


1: How can I come in contact with you?
- You can contact us trough the contact form or send us an email at You can also send us a message on Instagram of Facebook.


2: I want to sell my items/collection to you, how do I do that?
- If you want to sell your items or part of your collection to us, you can find more information on our purchase page. You can send us a message with information on what you want to sell.


3: Can I use the pictures from your website?
- No, the pictures/photographs are ours, without permission it is not allowed to use these, even if you use the pictures from the product you have bought from us.


4: How do I know if Clercq Militaria will attend a certain fair?
- If you want to know at which militaria fairs Clercq Militaria will be present you can take a look at our 'Beurzen - Fairs' page. Here you will find an overview of the fairs we will attend in the near future. You can also send us a message to ask if we come to a fair, since we sometimes come to fairs as visitors and we can bring your order with us.


5: Where is Clercq Militaria based?
- We are from the Netherlands! However we do visit fairs and events in other countries from time to time. Shipping will also be from the Netherlands.